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What is Neuropsychology?


Neuropsychological testing is a comprehensive procedure that measures and identifies the interaction between cognition and psychological functioning and their impact on academic, professional, interpersonal  and daily behavior. This sort of comprehensive testing is recommended for cases in which a detailed but general overview of functioning is requested.

Comprehensive Assessment


Neuropsychological testing provides quantifiable data about the following mental functions:

Short-term and long-term memory


Problem solving and conceptualizing

Ability to learn new skills and solve problems

Attention, concentration, and distractibility

Logical and abstract reasoning functions

Ability to understand and express language

Visual-spatial organization Visual-motor coordination

Planning, synthesizing and organizing abilities

Functional impacts on learning and information recall

Psychomotor Performance

Executive Skills

Concept Formation and Reasoning

Academic Ability and Achievement

Emotional and Behavioral Status

Rationale and Purpose


By using standardized tests, neuropsychologists obtain information that is necessary in an overall diagnostic work-up and can offer referring providers important information often necessary for:

Assessment of cognitive impairment and areas of preserved functioning related to a neurological injury or disease.

Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and learning disorder in adults and children.

Diagnosis of dementia (i.e., Alzheimer’s disease) for patients complaining of memory problems.

Differential diagnosis between psychological and organic causes of cognitive dysfunction.

Recommendations for reasonable accommodations at work or school as per the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Monitoring functioning over time in a patient taking medication for cognitive dysfunction.

What does a neuropsychological assessment do?

Establishes a baseline so that changes in cognitive abilities, mood, and personality can be monitored over time to provide better treatment.

Assists the patient and family members in making decisions about work and other responsibilities.

Helps educate family members about areas of impairment that may have affected the patient’s thinking skills and personality so they can better help and understand.

Provides information for the referring provider to help with medication selection (to reduce side effects or improve cognition) or consider other treatment options.

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